Threats Are Limitless

and so should be your security.

WAISS offers a wide range of comprehensive security solutions designed to protect your organization from evolving threats. We understand that security is a critical aspect of any business, and our services are tailored to address the unique needs and challenges you may face. With a focus on proactive measures, advanced technologies, and expert guidance, we are committed to delivering effective security strategies that ensure the safety and integrity of your digital and physical assets.

Security Strategy and Planning

We assist in formulating robust security strategies that align with your business goals and risk appetite. Our services include cyber risk assessments, security architecture design and review, compliance and regulatory support, security policy development and implementation, and business continuity planning.

Incident Response and Threat Intelligence

In the event of a security incident, our incident response services provide rapid, efficient, and coordinated actions to minimize the impact and restore normal operations. We offer incident response planning and execution, digital forensics investigation, threat hunting and detection, threat intelligence analysis and reporting, and security incident monitoring and management.

Security Assessments and Testing

We conduct comprehensive security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your systems, networks, and processes. Our services include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing (network, application, wireless, etc.), security code review, security configuration review, and social engineering testing.

Integrated Security Solutions

Our integrated security offerings combine digital and physical security measures to provide holistic protection. Services include remote security departments, private intelligence, augmented physical security, access control systems, intrusion detection and prevention systems, security information and event management (SIEM), security awareness training and education, identity and access management (IAM), and data loss prevention (DLP).

Take Your Security To
The Next Level